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Express Facials

Why not really relax at lunchtime? Ella Baché Express Facials are designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time.

Extreme Regeneration Facial treatment

30 Minutes

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A regenerating, soothing and intensely hydrating treatment with a resurfacing peel for smooth hydrated skin.

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30 Minutes

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Lift, brighten and tone the delicate skin around the eyes with this rapid results treatment utilising the latest peptides, vitamins and advanced ingredient technology to deliver optimalskin health in minimal time

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Deep Cleansing Express

50 minutes

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Features double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, deep cleansing mask, high frequency, treatment products and daily skincare.
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Triple Treat Facial

40 Minutes

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Based on a gradual exfoliation technique that delivers healthy glowing skin in just half an hour, this fast but scrumptious facial features double cleanse, 3 different types of exfoliation and daily skincare. For all skin types.

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